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Movie Review Assignment with Harvard Citation Style – Guide 2022

All of us are definitely fond of watching movies but not most of us like reviewing movies as part of class assignments. They are enjoyable when watched for fun but they become boring when they are done as homework or essay writing. Movies are still fun, if you feel bored reviewing a movie then you are just being a student and nothing else.

I was never very fond of watching movies but I used to watch them occasionally with my siblings. I felt at ease when my teacher told me that I will have to write my essay on a movie like an expert essay writer online. Not that I was really a good essay writer and it just felt easy and happy. It did not require me to do much research and literature review so I felt relaxed whenever I got an assignment to review a movie.

We have to use various citation styles when we borrow an idea or quotation from an outside source. Even when we have paraphrased the original text, we are still required to add citations for it. If you are required to write a movie review in Harvard Citation style then you can adopt two different courses of action. You can either write a review first and then format and cite it according to Harvard Citation style or you can follow Harvard Citation style as you begin writing your movie review. You can likewise find support from an online essay service provider.

In both cases, you will have to cite the film in Harvard Citation style. Of the many citation styles, Harvard is a relatively easier one. In order to cite a movie in Harvard Citation style, you are required to add the title of the movie as given in the source. Main words would be capitalized along with the first word of the title. After the title, add the year of release in the round bracket. Not add the initials of the first name followed by the last name of the director. You will add the phrase “Directed by'' before adding the director’s name. For example, Directed by D. Mason. Mention the format of the film in a square bracket, whether in DVD or Blu-Ray then add the place of distribution and the name of the broadcasting company.

The place of distribution and the title of the broadcasting company would be separated by a colon.

For example, Pearl(2015) Directed by D.Mason[DVD]. New York, NY: Broadsheet Pictures. If you have difficulty remembering this you may pay for essay at an online forum and get a review done and then use it as a guideline for the future. For in-text citation, you will write the name of the movie and the year of release in parenthesis. Like, Pearl(2020) throws light on the role of women in…

Although I never like watching movies, I did occasionally watch them with my siblings. When my teacher instructed me to WriteMyEssay about a movie like a professional essay writer online, I was at ease.

For writing a movie review you must introduce the movie by giving a brief introduction that ends with the thesis statement. The thesis shows your main argument and opinion of the movie. In the following paragraphs provide a brief summary of the film but do not extend it too much. The next paragraphs discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the film and the ideas that the movie attempted to promote. Before the concluding paragraph add a paragraph that discusses your analysis and opinion of the movie. Restate your thesis in the conclusion and support it with an example from the review. Make sure that all the sections have a proportionate length and you are not extending one section or another.

For your movie review assignment, you may also receive qualified do my papers assistance from the most reliable essay writer firms online.

You may add a title page if your instructor has asked you to. It should have a running head in capital letters and in the center of the title page would be the title of the film, your name, and any institutional affiliations that you have.

The main thing passed on to do is practice day to day subsequent to perusing this essay help guide.

Remember to indent your paragraphs and write in Times New Roman size 12 with double spacing. You can also get professional write my paper help from the most legitimate essay writer services online for your movie review assignment.


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