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Paragraphing and organizing your narrative essay - college guide

Writing a perfect essay is an art that comes after a lot of practice and may take years to fully develop. But once you have gone through this difficult stage you can write and achieve anything in your life. You can become a professional speech or essay writer for big corporations or even for a presidential candidate. Though it is a long journal to travel - you should know that 'the journey of a thousand miles starts from a single step.'

If you want to write an exceptional narrative essay then you need to follow certain rules advised by the academics. Paragraphing and organizing are two important principles to follow and write an exceptional essay. You should know that a narrative essay tells a story about your personal experience. In this essay you need to narrate the events as they happened, it allows you to use your creative thinking to explore and write about the event that you experienced.

Paragraphing and organizing a narrative essay

The organization of your essay is as important as the writing itself. A proper paragraphing would give you desired results by allowing you to express your ideas in a precise and eloquent manner. However, it could be a little difficult to follow if you get stuck during this stage then you must get help from an essay writing service. It would ensure the provision of an excellently written essay while you can use your time in other creative activities.

Organizing ideas with research

You may have more than one idea to explain the same event. Do not worry yet, it is a very good point to follow, you can narrow it down by brainstorming. Collect as many ideas as you can about the event you experienced by using a style of freewriting, outlines, clustering, listing, and subject trees. Once you are determined about the event then the process of drafting begins.

Drafting a paragraph

To catch the reader’s attention you need to start with a narrative hook or sentence statement. It would tell a reader what a paragraph is about - just give a brief description of an element about your experience and explain it in the same paragraph. For me, it was quite difficult so I asked a professional writer to write my essay and surprisingly he was quite helpful. Indeed, it is a little difficult so make sure to get the expert's help.

Paragraph plot

All body paragraphs should contain detail of one event thoroughly with the use of transition phrases and verbs. In each paragraph, you need to discuss attributes about the event backed by supporting evidence. You may need to use imaginary actions, dialogues, or characters to create the twist in your narration. Creativity is the key, narration does not mean to mention an event just as it is. You need to use words that would intrigue a reader. There should be a logical relationship in each paragraph so that you can present your story eloquently.

Organization of essay

Just like any other essay, a narrative essay always follows the model of introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The only difference would occur in body paragraphs as these would be largely different where you need to explain your experience. It is not difficult, you just need to adopt a vigilant approach in expressing yourself. To avoid any potential mistake try to use descriptive language – it would automatically give feelings to the reader what you really experienced. You can also ask EssayWriterNow on web.

In the same way, you might need to switch between the tenses to explain your situation better. Make sure you practice all the rules of the present, past, and future tenses. It will be helpful to explain what the future implications could be of your experienced event. Furthermore, the use of linking language would help you to create consistency throughout body paragraphs.


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